Our jewellery are made to last. The life-span of your jewellery depends on whether they are properly cleaned and stored. We provide some care instructions on how to better store and maintain your jewellery.  




We recommend keeping the jewellery away from heat, humidity, sunlight, chlorinated water, shampoo, bleach and detergent. Remove your jewellery before you shower, bathe or swim.


Avoid spraying perfume or applying any ointment or lotion directly onto your jewellery.


Remove your jewellery before doing heavy-duty activities and sports to protect them from scratches.




We recommend storing your jewellery in dry and air-tight zip-lock/resealable bag or jewellery box when they are not in use to prevent tarnishing. Scratches can also be prevented if your jewellery are stored apart from each other in small air-tight zip-lock/resealable bags.




Do not use tissue paper or paper towels to clean your jewellery as that may result in scratches on the surface of the jewellery. As your jewellery are delicate, do not use hot water and harsh chemicals to clean them. We recommend using a soft silver polishing cloth for cleaning if needed.


It is entirely normal for jewellery to tarnish overtime as a result of exposure to air and moisture. Simply rub your silver polishing cloth against the tarnished areas to restore its shine. We do not recommend using any chemicals to polish your jewellery.


For the Hypersensitive Skin


Our jewellery are tested regularly to ensure that they do not cause allergies to most people.


If you have hypersensitive skin, we recommend purchasing our Sterling Silvers Collection as the jewellery contain 92.5% of pure silver which makes occurrence of allergy reactions rare and very unlikely.

Jewellery Care