Our Story

Minimalist Accessories, Maximum Style.


Who says a minimalist cannot be stylish?


We guarantee that it is definitely possible to wear minimalist accessories and look stylish at the same time! Being a minimalist is not about having less, it's not about black and white, or grey and cream. It's about having all the essentials that represent your style and getting rid of those that don't. 



We create simple pieces that transform.


Looking for something to wear on a casual day out with your girlfriends after attending a formal meeting at work? Meeting an important client before a fun date with your boyfriend? Heading to a friend's birthday party after school? Rushing off to the club for a wild night after a family dinner?


We have all the versatile pieces you need to transform! 



We take "minimum" quite literally in these aspects.


Price - so you get to enjoy affordable quality accessories.


Product - we are what you need to build your "bare minimum" collection. Yes, we only create simple accessories that go well with everything. 


Packaging - our packaging materials are environmentally friendly - biodegradable, recyclable, reusable and all that jazz. Receive all your items in one piece while conserve and save the environment. That's a real win-win. 


Subscribers' Mails - We know how many spams and junks you have in your mailbox every day. We promise we only send important mails that you need to know. No nonsense.

Promise. No nonsense or spams. Join us to get 10% off your purchase with us!