[Stainless Steel] This Too Shall Pass (Rose Gold)
  • One size fits all - highly adjustable to fit comfortably on your wrist
  • Made of solid stainless steel - a highly malleable and tarnish-free metal 
  • Comes with our signature gift box

[Stainless Steel] This Too Shall Pass (Rose Gold)

  • Unlike coated bangles, our bangles are made of solid stainless steel and therefore they are tarnish-free, rust-free and highly malleable to fit all wrist sizes. To wear them:


    1. Simply insert the bangle sideways onto your wrist from the cuff opening.

    2. Give it a little squeeze to fit it nicely to the size of your wrist.

    3. To remove, simply stretch the cuff opening outwards, and remove it via the cuff opening by tilting your wrist sideways.

  • Generally, the bangle is good for everyday wear. You don’t have to remove it when you shower.


    However, as the engraving is filled with a unique black ink, over time, the black ink will fade due to environmental factors like air, skin acidity and water. This is entirely normal. Once the black ink fades perfectly, it will leave you with a beautiful transparent inscription.


    For more general care instructions, please visit https://www.theminimumlabel.com/jewellery-care.